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WP8-B & WP8-S are control panel with 8 programmable buttons in 1 gang size, each button supports page and toggle setting. It has RS232, RS485, IR & relay control ports, availing to control PTN products and any other 3rd party devices. There are 2 colors for option.

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  1. Product Features

                    ● 8 backlit buttons in 1 gang size.

                    ● Offers multiple controls via RS232, RS485, IR, and relay.

                    ● Support IR learning.

                    ● Support page, toggle, compare and delay setting.

                    ● Customizable and changeable labels.

                    ● Button light adjustable.

                    ● ID loop function, max up to 99 pcs WP8 for control.

                    ● Firmware updatable via USB.