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SUH27E KIT is a 4K HDBaseT splitter kit includes a splitter with 2 HDMI inputs and 6 HDBaseT plus 1 HDMI outputs,6 receivers and 1 control keypad.

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  1. Product Features


        ● 2 HDMI inputs and 7 outputs (6 HDBT and 1 HDMI)

        ● Transmit 4K up to 131ft/40m, and 1080P up to 230ft/70m.

        ● PoC for the connected receivers.

        ● HDCP 2.2 compliant.

        ● De-embedded audio output

        ● Smart EDID management.

        ● Wall plate controller for switching sources and Display ON/OFF control via CEC.

        ● Controllable via front panel button, IR and wall controller.


SUH27E 5.jpg